The Experience

Bodywork Coaching is a healthy option to address chronic pain and the stress that acts like fuel on a fire. I work with clients who suffer from, “Chronic Giver Syndrome.” These are heart centered individuals who love to give. They give so much that they are now giving from an empty cup.

At the Bodywork Coaching Boutique I hold space for you to slow down, relax and unwind. As your Bodywork Coach, I help to keep you focused on your health care goals and to teach you about the role fascial restrictions play in your healing process and how to move through them with ease and grace. I hold space for you to experience what is possible when we take a body first approach to healing  pain.

In addition to providing you with tools and resources for at home care, I help you design a personalized daily self care plan that aligns with your goals.

I’m here for you to lean on throughout your healing process. Together we utilize a variety of therapeutic bodywork to engage your fascial system and begin a divine alignment of your body, mind and soul.

Daily practice of this nurturing approach to self care can begin to bridge the disconnect between what your body needs and what your mind wants.

Rebuilding trust within your bodymind connection is a powerful tool to bringing your body systems back into homeostasis. Aligning all systems to work in harmony promotes an ideal environment for profound healing. When we make time for self care we feel good. When we feel good we make better choices.   How do you feel today?

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