Individual Myofascial Release Therapeutic Sessions

Individual sessions are designed to promote deep relaxation. Each session begins with a brief intake. We listen to how you feel and what your wellness goals are. A postural analysis is done to visually see and feel where your physical restrictions are. The intake begins the process of drawing a map to your unique healing journey. Deeply rooted in the principles of MFR and combining therapeutic bodywork, we meet you where you are, and support you as you release tension, and restore movement to areas that might feel “stuck”. A highly skilled therapist tunes into the engagement of your fascial system to help bring your awareness into sensation. Quieting, and feeling in this space may enlighten you to sensations that are valuable to your healing process. Some sessions may ignite subtle sensations and some sensations you may feel to be therapeutically challenging. No MFR experience is exactly the same but the messages you receive from each session are of equal importance to your overall awareness.

 Sessions offered:

  • 30 minutes @ $56
  • 75 minutes @ $114
  • 90 minutes @ $143
  • 2 hours @ $172

Empowering Bodymind Exploration & Coaching Session

A heart centered coaching conversation combined with bodywork for those looking to dive a little deeper into their whole body healing experience. This empowering conversation shines light into subconscious holding patterns and the emotions that might be holding your physical restrictions in place. Receive support, tools, resources and a little tough love at times as you move through growth cycles. Nurture the essence of who you are. Feel a sense of ease and maintain balance while achieving your goals.

We believe giving and receiving are key to achieving ease and balance. We also believe that when we practice receiving it amplifies our ability to give.

Our Individual 2 hr coaching and bodywork sessions are a space for you to set intentions for your health and wellness and begin to do the inner work while feeling safe and supported. This space is an opportunity to begin to heal and integrate mental blocks, old beliefs and habits that might be keeping you stuck, with love and kindness. What might be possible when you receive what you need, to be the greatest contribution you can be?

  • Individual Coaching Sessions starting at $275

MFR Self Care Group Stretch Classes

Whether you are looking to add to your self care routine or just beginning a self care routine, this group class has something to offer you. Using the principles of MFR, therapy balls, foam rollers and movement we work through restrictions. This class is an opportunity to explore your inner terrain and begin to heal the deep restrictions that cause you pain and discomfort. Check out our events tab for upcoming class schedule. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat, if you have one and an open mind. Space is limited for this class and RSVP is required to reserve your space. This class is held in the upstairs MFR Stretch Suite. ( Enter Tazanna Beauty Salon (door located to the left of Journey to Wellness, head upstairs and turn Right)

  • Group Session offered 90 min @ $20

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