How can we work together?

**Intro Session**

 Not sure if a Bodywork Coach is right for you?
Experience the  process for yourself and then decide!
The Intro Session is an initial consult designed to start the process of transformation. Together we take a body first approach to pain and stress management. Massage is a simple, safe and effective approach to eliminating chronic pain.
I will teach you a fascia focused approach to self massage that you can easily do at home.

Who can benefit from having a Bodywork Coach?

Do you experience pain more often than you’d like to?

Would you like to learn a drug free, holistic approach to managing chronic pain?

Would you like to start living more self care conscious but think it’s too expensive?

Do feel a ton of pressure to do the right thing?

Ever wonder what self care habits you should be doing?

Book an Intro Session and experience what might be possible for you if your pain no longer controlled your life!

This single session is 90 minutes. Your investment is $125

Reach out to schedule your free Discovery Call prior. All Intro Sessions must go through this process prior to scheduling to see if we are a good fit for each other.

What do I need to bring/wear?

Ladies: please wear loose fitting shorts and a sports bra or 2 piece bathing suit to your session.  Men: please bring a pair of loose fitting shorts to your session.

Bodywork Coaching Series

** Enrollment for private coaching is now open. I have only a few spaces left**

The individuals that I work with are at least curious about personal development process and motivated by their goals to create change in their life. This empowering series holds space for you to experience your unique healing journey in a safe space. While you are doing the inner work, I’m here for you every step of the way! Feel supported and safe to experience your process in a way that is in alignment with you and your goals. I’m here for your to lean on and to provide you with  support through tools, resources and a little tough love at times as you move through your growth cycles… they don’t call ’em growing pains for nothing!

In order to experience change requires us to break old habits and patterns. This requires us to choose to do things we’ve never done before.

For some people, this excavation process can be very uncomfortable. Our natural response to this kind of stress is to retreat back into our old habits and patterns. But retreating won’t support the changes you may require to reach your wellness goals.

You are a gift to this world! I’m here to help hold your feet to the fire when your goals are on the line so that you can shine your light bright.

Everyone heals on their own time in a process that is unique to them. I work closely with a handful of clients at a time to ensure each client feels fully supported in their process.

Part of this series includes designing your personalized action plan and includes a self care kit to amplify your success.

*** This transformational series requires a minimum 3 month commitment. Your investment is $450. Monthly payments can be set up to help fit your budget.

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