With Love & Kindness Series

Design your own  self care series.  Customize your series to meet you where you’re at on your wellness journey. Self Care is a personal journey of body, mind, emotional and spiritual  wellness. We call this Divine Alignment!

Schedule your free Discovery Call to see if we may support you on your next step. In our series we dive deep into your unhealthy patterns and habits. We offer different levels of wellness coaching depending on what you need. The basics of our series include developing self awareness to unhealthy patterns, accountability, support and personalized action plans. Advanced series may include bodywork and self care techniques and a self care kit.

Our series are designed with the intention of holding sacred space for you to tap into your inner healing wisdom and experience your process  with love and kindness.  Your success depends on you and your ability to show up and do the work.

Series Enrollment is Open!!! We only enroll a handful of people at a time so don’t wait. Click the book now link below to schedule your discovery call.