Group Mentoring Series

Next Enrollment for the online group series will be coming in  Spring 2020!

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Do you have lingering pain and stress? Do you have goals that you never can seem to make time for because you’re always focusing on what everybody needs first?

Then you might really enjoy this online series! In this 6 week online coaching series we take a body first approach to pain freedom! We look at the areas in your life where you spend a majority of your time and energy. We connect this awareness to your body and map out your pain patterns. If where you spend most of your energy leave you feeling exhausted, judgey or resentment, then they may not be in alignment with your goals.

 Do you find yourself yelling at your loved ones and immediately feel really bad about it? Yea, I get it. I was that Mom / Wife too. That’s where my inspiration  for this series came from.   This series is a direct reflection of my process of going from feeling tired , angry and resentful after the huge changes I felt around motherhood, and all the responsibilities that come with that title. My process was messy and if I’m being honest, I’m still in it. I think I always will be. But I no longer allow my fear and anxiety stop me from creating a life I love. I ‘m more mindful of my own energy that I bring to situations and conversations and allow myself to respond from love instead of react out of fear. This series is called Love Your Stress, but really it’s a series about self love and acceptance.

The investment for this transformational series is $99.

*Payment plans are available.