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How do you feel today?

Our mission is to support heart centered individuals who value a life of ease and balance. We believe pain is our body’s way of communicating that something within needs our attention. We empower individuals to take their healing ability into their own hands.   We believe we must feel to heal.

Focusing on the fascial system, we bring awareness to  bracing patterns that are running the show from behind the scenes and contributing to chronic pain.  Our personalized sessions incorporate therapeutic massage, movement, tools and resources as a way to guide individuals towards feeling all sensations around their pain.

The healing that takes place in our office is often only the beginning. Each healing experience is unique.  We teach self massage and intentional movement to small groups and individually to help support the healing process in between sessions.

Nurture the body and mind. Experience ease during growth cycles. Live joyfully!

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What is Fascia?

To oversimplify the complex fascial system would be to describe it as a 3-dimensional web-like...

What is MFR?

MFR as taught by John F Barnes, is a gentle manual therapy that promotes whole body relaxation...

the nurture grow live experience

Nurture Grow Live A Place of Wellness, LLC is a healthy option to address chronic pain and the stress that acts like fuel on a fire.


Tap into your healing potential! Whether you are looking for Individual Sessions, Intensive Series or Group Classes, our sessions are an opportunity to feel and gain awareness through self exploration and hands on bodywork. Our sessions are designed to meet you where you are and support you through your process of evolvement.